Raising standards, breaking rules & reinventing bridal

We won’t bore you with bridal platitudes; we’ll tell you what we’re really about.

We provide thought provoking commentary, not empty flattery. Of course you want to look beautiful in your gown but it’s about much more than that. There are dozens of gowns that each bride will look beautiful in, these are wedding gowns, they are crafted to be beautiful. We want to know exactly what type of beautiful you want to be – what you want to communicate, on first sight, without any words spoken.

We equip you with the product knowledge to be an informed consumer, so you can make a conscious, confident decision.

We believe in full transparency; We’ve got nothing to hide.

We value your time and ours. We aren’t going to make you wonder what’s behind our doors – we will gladly show you and you can decide if this is the place for you.

We know we are not for everyone, and that’s ok for all of us – but when we do get each other, it’s kismet. Life would be uninteresting if we were all too similar.

At Kismet Bridal Studio you will find a gown you can confidently stand in from companies you can confidently stand behind.

Socially responsible, ethically waged, customizable wedding gowns from designers across the globe. Supporting handmade artisans, independent companies and small businesses in the bridal attire industry. Empowering true artisans to succeed at their craft with a focus on women entrepreneurs. Each gown is made-to-order, reducing fast fashion waste and customizable for a more personal, one-of-kind, heirloom garment.

We don’t just provide an experience… we provide an engagement.

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I would recommend this shop to anyone. It’s gorgeous, roomy, bright, and clean inside. They have very classic styles, the latest trends, and colorful and unique dresses. But most of all, they’ll make you feel comfortable, stress-free, and special.”

– Alex C.