Gatti nolli by MARWAN
To every woman: "Stay fashionable modern and new. The regenerated woman is the oxygen of all us designers, it's our life. She is the beauty and the crown of our creativity."



Year Founded:


Based in:

Beirut, Lebanon


Fusion style; oriental and occidental.


I am a nature lover and passionate. The biggest inspiration factor for me is nature. I run every morning and the colors of the nature, the landscape boost in me million ideas and ideas to create styles designs. For me in beauty, nature and woman go hand in hand.

Late Night Studio Vice:

The vice at night and every moment for my endurance is my family my kids. Thinking about my kids give me always the motivation to keep working.

Unexpected Fact:

Among all this fashion world I keep an important time for sport. I am a marathon runner.

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People will stare. Make it worth their while.”
Harry Winston