Be yourself. People don't have to like you, but you don't have to care.


Katya Shehurina - Designer / Marina Kvasova - Managing Director

Year Founded:


Based in:

London, UK




Katya usually starts out with a theme for the collection, which can be an idea around which the collection evolves. Our lace and silk collections have different themes and aesthetics but both have effortless and romantic characteristics. The fabric also influences the designs, the flow or the pattern of each material dictates a lot about how each dress is completed.

Late Night Studio Vice:

Catering to each and every request of our brides, even if this is something unusual.

Unexpected Fact:

The brand started out making ready-to-wear clothing, that included street-wear pieces like jeans. From that it has grown into a unique bridal wear brand with the main focus on bohemian dresses as that is Katya's true passion. Having a background in ready-to-wear fashion helps creating stylish pieces that are fashion forward, different from traditional bridal-wear and comfortable for a modern bride.

Style is something each of us already has, all we need is to find it.”
Diane von Furstenberg