Otilia Brailoiu
"Yesterday I found love, Today I'm wearing it."


Otilia Brailou

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Constanta, Romania




In my opinion, inspiration doesn't have a concrete source that you can access every time you need. You feel inspired when your heart is free to dance around an idea, when imagination explores and the mind give shape, colour, consistency. Inspiration doesn't just come, the inspiration is in you! You just need to transpose it, to anchor it to a revelation, to a new emotion... And, thank God, inspiration doesn't have limits or expiration dates...

Late Night Studio Vice:

I think playing with colours can be considered my vice. I like to reinterpret classical wedding dresses by mixing colours in a way that gives the dress a fresh new feeling but in the same time keep it traditional.

Unexpected Fact:

Fashion wasn't a plan for me. It seeked me and it found me. Sounds like a cliche but as a child, I was cutting and tailoring the window's curtains and my mother's dresses. Passion turned from play to profession and through many phases of interest finally concretised in an activity that totally represents me.

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In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”
Coco Chanel